Saturday, June 11, 2011

It has been too long!

I have wanted you to see the children and the schools we visited in Kenya, but the days have not been as good as I would have liked so sitting down to write anything earlier would not have been good. I reread the quote I left for you in the last blog and it took me back to Kenya and the mountains, the people and mostly the children. That was good so here goes...

This was our first school. These children have been checked in and have seen the doctor. They are now receiving any medications and their instructions from our "pharmacist".

This was another stop at what we believed was a Catholic run school. These children were lined up to receive their chewable pill for deworming. This was a major emphasis for our trip along with relationship building.

We visited the Dept. of Children Services Nairobi Children's Home. We were not allowed to take pictures while here. We did get to visit with all of the children and checked on the ones who were ill. This children's home takes in children left on the street and keeps them until they are six. The ones that are handicapped, blind, cerebral palsy, or other permanent ailments are then sent to another facility, the rest are hopefully adopted by places like Tumaini or are pick up by their parents. Otherwise, they are just let go.

This is what most of the school class rooms looked like in the villages. Some "chalk" boards were walls painted black. They have Christian teachings everywhere.

We attended church here on Sunday and returned on Monday to have a free clinic for the church people and anyone they talked to. We saw nearly 200 people that morning.

There are not too many pictures of children here, mostly places. The reason is I was checking in all of those children as they came in nonstop so I only had time to take pictures before or after my work. But I saw them or at least half of them as Kathy and I shared the Triage duty.  It was a unique blessing.

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